Tea Cups – What To Look For In The Best Teacup

You already know that a good cup of tea comes from the quality of the tea leaves being used. Another part of the equation is the method used to brew that relaxing, hot beverage. However, the final part of the puzzle is the actual tea cup or mug used to consume the tea.

Believe it or not, the teacup can have an impact on the quality of the tea that has been poured into it to be served. Some of the factors we will explore when looking at the different types of tea cups available include looking at the design, construction, and material used in the production of tea cups.

Reviews Of The Best Tea Cups

Best Glass Tea Cups

The perfect teacup can improve the tea drinking experience, and glass teacups are a common choice for many tea connoisseurs. Glass teacups keep your tea hot for a longer and provide a clear view of the tea, allowing you to appreciate its color and aroma.

Teabloom Oversized Insulated Borosilicate Glass Mugs

best glass tea cups

Made with a double-wall design, these glass tea cups maintain temperature longer, whether you enjoy your beverages hot or cold.

The base has an air-pressure relief hole that protects the glass when in the microwave, freezer, or dishwasher. The extra-large 17-ounce capacity and comfortable grip handle ensure you will enjoy sipping your favorite drink.

The extra-thick, ultra-strong borosilicate glass is crystal clear and thermal shock resistant.

This package includes two of these impressive glass cups and a full one-year warranty.


Quality product
Stunning visual design
The double-wall insulation keeps drinks warm or cold for longer periods


Some users have found water can get trapped between the walls
The handles are a bit small for the oversized cups
These cups are non-returnable
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Best Glass Tea Cup Set

When it comes to enjoying a hot cup of tea, the right teacup can make all the difference. While there are many materials and styles to choose from, glass tea cups have become increasingly popular for their aesthetic appeal and versatility. If you would prefer a tea cup set, then look no further…

BTaT- Tea Cups with Lids

best glass tea cup set

The gift box that this set comes in includes two tea cups (in blue and red), a matching stainless steel spoon, and a glass lid.

The 100% lead-free design of these 11-ounce cups is handmade and crafted with detailed butterfly and rose patterns.

The glasses are stunning but cannot be used in the microwave, but they are dishwasher safe.


These cups are almost too pretty to use
The gift box is as stunning as the tea cups


Can’t be used in the microwave
Some parts are so delicate that you may be afraid to use them often for fear of damaging them
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Best Bone China Tea Cup

The delicate beauty and enduring quality of bone china make it a premium material. Bone ash, kaolin, feldspar, and ball clay are used to create this particular variety of porcelain, giving it both strength and translucency. Bone china tea cups are therefore a preferred option for tea lovers worldwide because they are fashionable and useful.

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Cup and Saucer

best bone china tea cup

If the pattern on this bone china tea cup looks familiar, it should. It is the Old Country Roses signature motif of burgundy, pink, and yellow roses. It happens to be the best-selling dinnerware pattern on the planet.

The cup is accented with stunning gold banding. The teacup has a capacity of 6.5 ounces.


Very attractive set at a very affordable price
Makes an excellent gift


Some think that the price is high for the size of cup and saucer you receive
Like any bone China, this set requires special care
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Best Porcelain Tea Mug

The strength, beauty, and durability of ceramic materials like porcelain are well known. Because they look exquisite and timeless, are simple to maintain, and effectively hold heat, many tea drinkers like porcelain tea cups.

Sweese 201.107 Porcelain Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid

best porcelain tea mug

This porcelain tea mug comes with a lid and infuser to make brewing tea a breeze. The handle is heat resistant while the infuser is made of 18/8 stainless steel.

The mug has a 15-ounce capacity and everything comes packaged in a gift box.

The easy-grip handle is comfortable and all parts are dishwasher-safe. The mug and lid are microwave safe.


The impressive size makes this ideal for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate
The simple design and look is fantastic


The wall is too thinner than expected so warm drinks cool down quickly
The infuser that comes in the package is not a single piece
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Best Chinese Tea Cup

A lovely Chinese tea cup is the ideal option whether you enjoy drinking tea or just want to add a little refinement to your experience. A Chinese tea cup delivers the ideal fusion of form and function because of its elaborate patterns, premium materials, and attention to detail.

Tea Talent Porcelain Tea Cup with Infuser, Lid, Saucer

best Chinese tea cup

The set includes a 12-ounce cup, an infuser, a lid, and a saucer – all made from Chinese Jingdezhen Porcelain.

Featuring an elegant design, this package is the perfect gift-giving idea for that tea lover in your life. This makes a perfect tea brewer for the office and works extremely well with loose-leaf tea that will be caught in the porcelain infuser and fill the teacup.


An absolutely beautiful set that looks great when in use and not
Great value for the cost


Strainer holes are too big for some users
Strainer could be redesigned to be more effective are too big for some users
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Best Japanese Tea Cups

A Japanese tea cup can be the ideal option for you if you want to add a little tradition and elegance to your tea-drinking experience. Japanese tea cups have been used for centuries to enjoy the beauty of tea and are renowned for their elaborate patterns, delicate forms, and subdued colors.

Sunddo Japanese Ceramic Teacup Set

best Japanese tea cups

This set comes complete with two 10-ounce teacups featuring an elegant and gorgeous design. As the cups are made from ceramic material, they are microwave and dishwasher-safe.

The teacups measure 4 inches tall by 2.9 inches in diameter and if one or both are damaged from transportation, the seller will replace the damaged cup(s) at no cost to you.


Good-looking teacups
Great value for the price


Without handles, these cups are difficult to hold when they have hot liquids inside
Some users don’t like the fact that these Japanese cups are made in China
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Best Wooden Tea Cups

Wooden tea cups have gained popularity as an alternative to conventional ceramic or glass alternatives as demand for eco-friendly and sustainable products has increased. Tea cups made of natural materials such as wood are a distinctive and lovely addition to the collection of any tea enthusiast. When it comes to wooden tea cups, there is something for everyone, from classic hand-carved cups to contemporary and minimalist designs.

Natural Solid Wood Tea Cup 4 Pack

best wooden tea cups

Made from natural wood, this set includes a total of four wooden tea cups. Each cup has a capacity of 100 to 200 milliliters.

As these are uniquely crafted from natural wood, the cups will not be identical, and may have different grain patterns and color shades.

The non-toxic coating protects each cup and makes them an eco-friendly choice.


Well-made, handcrafted product
Some users like the fact that these cups are eco-friendly


The cups are quite small
Some users did not find the workmanship to be as expected
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Best Turkish Tea Glasses

Turkish tea glasses, also known as “çay bardağı” in Turkish, have been used for centuries in Turkish culture to enjoy the popular beverage “çay”. The glasses are typically made of delicate glass and often come with a matching saucer. They are designed to showcase the clarity and color of the tea, making them an attractive addition to any tea set.

Pasabahce Turkish Tea Glasses Set of 6

best Turkish tea glasses

The Turkish tea glasses set includes a total of six 4-ounce dishwasher-safe tea glasses and saucers. These are perfect for Turkish tea, coffee, or for enjoying espresso shots.

The set is packaged in a special gift box and in addition to being dishwasher safe, these glasses are also safe for use in the freezer or microwave.


Great quality
Good value
Comes well packaged in a box which is suitable as a gift


Some users report packaging issues
The shape also threw some users off
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Best Gaiwan Tea Set

A gaiwan set is a must-have for any tea enthusiast looking to experience the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. A gaiwan, a small bowl with a lid used for brewing and serving tea, has long been a mainstay of Chinese tea culture.

Black Traditional Porcelain Gaiwan Sancai Tea Bowl

Traditional Gaiwan Sancai Tea Bowl

This tea set comes complete with a 120ml ceramic tea cup, lid, and saucer.

Each piece has a symbolic connection. The cup is called a sancai cup where the lip is compared to Heaven, the tray is compared to land, and the cup is compared to the human.

This will make the perfect addition to your Gongfu tea set.


Beautiful tea set
Amazing details in the pattern


Not as large as expected
A very delicate tea cup that may be difficult for some to use
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Tea Culture Around The World

In many countries around the world, tea is far more than just an afternoon beverage. Probably the best-known of the tea customs is the daily afternoon tea that is a mainstay in Great Britain. Tea ceremonies originated centuries ago from the Chinese and other East Asian countries have their own variation of the ceremony.

Tea ceremonies are also common in Japan and Korea although the beverage itself may be even more distinct in preparation, ingredients, and service. In these Asian countries, tea is consumed at tea parties which are actually small gatherings of friends as well as at tea houses that are intended for social interaction.

In fact, tea culture has spanned the globe from Asia and Europe to Africa, North, and South America, and to Australia and New Zealand. Different varieties of tea are favored in different regions and flavorings such as herbs, sugar, and milk are found as regional adaptations of what makes the perfect cup of tea.

And because tea has become so popular, there are many tea accessories that you can find on the market. Click here to view some of our favorite tea accessories.

Tea Cup FAQs

What Are The Qualities of A Good Tea Cup?

types of tea cup varieties

There really is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all tea cup. That’s because, for tea lovers who savor their tea, the cup has to possess several key qualities in order to not have a negative effect on the taste, temperature, or aroma of a good cup of tea. They include the following:

Non-Porous: Porous material will contain microscopic holes and cracks which will actually hold in various flavors. The porous material will also have an impact on the aroma as well. Both of these factors will be detrimental to the taste of the tea coming from a cup made with a porous material.
Cools Slowly: The shape of the teacup will impact how quickly the tea will cool. A cup that has a wide rim will cool tea faster, whereas tall and narrow cups will keep tea hot for a longer period of time. The longer tea remains hot, the more concentrated the aroma. Thin cups tend to cool more quickly and ceramic cups hold the heat longer.
Thin Lip: There is a little physics involved in the construction design of the perfect teacup. For example, tea cups with thin lips are best because of how they deliver the hot beverage into your mouth. A thin lip allows the tea to roll off the edge of the cup and onto your tongue with ease.
Safe: Although plastic cups are not the most ideal choice for drinking tea, they are used by many. Paper cups are also common as take-out drinking containers from fast food and coffee shops all over the world. If you use either, ensure that they are made from BPA (bisphenol A) free material.

What Materials Are Used For Tea Cups?

bone china tea cup

Just as there are certain qualities of a teacup that can impact the flavor and aroma of a good cup of tea, the material the teacup is made from is as crucial. As noted above, porous materials should be avoided. Here is a look at the other popular materials used in the production of tea cups.

Ceramic: This is probably the most common material used to make tea cups. The term ceramic is a reference to any kind of teacup that is made from baked clay pottery that is fired in a kiln. This would include teacups made of stoneware, porcelain, and terracotta.
What makes ceramic tea cups such a popular choice is that they will retain heat for a longer period of time compared to most other teacup materials. This is due to the heat resistance of the material which also removes metallic or other material tastes that may occur.
Bone China/Porcelain: With centuries-long use as tea ware, both bone china and porcelain are good choices. Porcelain, which is often considered a ceramic, is non-porous when it has been manufactured correctly. This means that with the vitrified glaze outer shell, porcelain tea cups are non-reactive.
Bone ash mixed with clay is the main ingredient in bone china which also has a glazed finish that makes these teacups non-reactive and non-porous. The smoothness of both porcelain and bone china prevents tannin from tea adhering to the sides of the cup which will not negatively impact the body of the beverage.
Glass: Glass is a good material for many reasons as teaware. Not only can it be effective in brewing tea, but vitrified glass is also non-reactive. Borosilicate glass is an excellent teacup material that is less fragile than porcelain.
There are also double-walled glass teacups which are both practical and functional. The gap between the inner and outer glass creates an insulating layer, while the outer one stays cool to the touch.
Stainless Steel: Although a stainless-steel teacup will outlast any other kind, they do have a couple of issues. First, due to the heat conductivity of steel, they tend to get far too hot to handle. Second, scratched steel can leach iron and nickel into your steaming hot drink.
Plastic/Paper: Plastic and paper cups do serve a purpose but are typically designed for single use. If they do not contain food-grade materials – the plastic cups in particular – there is a chance they may leach toxic chemicals into your tea just from being exposed to high heat.
Plus, as single-use in design, plastic and paper cups are not good for the environment.

What Are The Different Tea Cup Designs?

There are essentially two main designs of teacups… Those with handles and those without. The style with handles can vary greatly from simple to ornate depending on the material the teacup is made from as well as the purpose of the cup. Teacups used for formal tea ceremonies tend to have more decorative designs and handles.

Teacups without handles are actually known as tea bowls. Tea bowls are common in Asian tea culture and are often much smaller in size than tea cups with handles. There are various types of tea bowls ranging from iron and wooden bowls to triangular and four-sided tea bowls. All are used to prepare and drink tea from.

Is a handle necessary on a teacup?

Whether a handle is necessary on a teacup is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer teacups with handles as they find it easier to hold the cup without risking burning their fingers. Others prefer the traditional look of a handle-less teacup and enjoy the experience of cradling the cup in their hands to warm them up. Ultimately, the choice between a teacup with or without a handle depends on the individual’s preferences.

What is the best size for a teacup?

The needs and preferences of the individual will determine the ideal teacup size. Teacups typically hold 6 to 12 ounces of liquid. For serving espresso or during a traditional tea ceremony, a smaller teacup, about 6 ounces, is perfect. A full cup of tea or coffee should be served in a larger teacup, which should hold 8 to 12 ounces. Larger teacups may also be preferred by some due to the added warmth they offer. A teacup’s size can also have an aesthetic impact; larger teacups tend to look more dramatic, while smaller teacups tend to look more delicate. The ideal teacup size is ultimately determined by the preferences of the user.

In Conclusion

There is a lot more to that cup of tea than meets the eye, nose, and taste buds. The way it is prepared, and the vessel used to serve it can have a huge impact on the aroma and flavor of the tea. This is why it is important to know what types of tea cups are best so you can enjoy your favorite cup of tea.

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