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Central and South American K Cups Bulk coffees
A cup of this blend of Central and South American K Cups Bulk coffees will give you that jolt that will make all your senses stand to attention.

There are many reasons to make a k cups bulk buy and this happens to be one of them. Keurig has named this particular brew their San Francisco Bay Coffee and I dare you to identify the joke here. Let me give you a couple of hints. First off, the brew is called Fog Chaser and that should explain it straight away.

How These Coffee Pods Chase Away The Fog…

Okay, I told you there was a bit of a joke here. Imagine yourself a bit foggy in the morning. Maybe you had worked late or you found yourself tossing and turning throughout the night and didn’t sleep at all. It’s now morning and you need to be alert, bright, and fired up for the morning commute.

Kick back a cup of this blend of Central and South American coffees and not only will it clear your mind, but it will also give you that jolt that will make all your senses stand to attention. I like to call this collection of cheap k cups my ‘get to the office’ first aid kit.

Why I Like These Coffee Pods…

Okay, aside from the fog clearing, this blend of San Francisco Bay Coffee is pretty special in other ways too. In addition to being socially responsible (because it is certified as a fair trade product), the coffee makers who put this blend together repeatedly inspected and tasted it to ensure the highest quality product resulted from the roasting process.

This is pretty good but if that’s not enough to convince you a k cups bulk purchase is worth your while, consider this: the cups are 97-percent biodegradable. So they are fair trade and environmentally friendly, which means there is nothing cheap about these coffee pods!

But no matter how nice the fuzzy feel-good factor is about helping someone overseas or the future generations these things mean nothing if it actually didn’t taste great and it does; I just love the taste and love the fact that the k cups can be bought in bulk.

It is a strong, bold coffee with a flavor that is not bitter but strong enough to tell your mind and body that it’s time to wake up and shift into gear. I’d characterize this coffee as having both a strong flavor and a strong aroma that gets all my senses revved up each time I get a whiff. It’s also criminal that I refer to it as my cheap k cups morning fix, but it is a fact.

And My Rating For This Coffee Pods Bulk pack…

If I had to rate the San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser blend of coffee I would definitely give it a nine out of ten for the strong, bold taste and I’d give it another nine for the full-bodied aroma that fills my house (and nostrils) with a rich scent each morning. The fact that the coffee is a fair trade item and the cups are biodegradable earns this coffee variety another half-point on both scales.

Whether or not you need that sudden kick to get you going in the morning or not, you will still love this coffee. What makes it even better is that you can buy them in this k cups bulk package so that you can always chase away that early morning fog.

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