The Miracle That Is Red Reishi

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about when it comes to red reishi mushroom? Well, I am sure that at some point in our lives our moms have told us that health is wealth. And it is pretty obvious that in order to keep our body free from disease, we need to have a healthy lifestyle. But truth is we often end up with the wrong diet simply because we do not have time to prepare our food, and often the food we eat is commercially grown with chemical residues from fertilizers and pesticides. It is no surprise then that many people are getting sick despite eating supposedly “healthy” foods.

We need help and that is where red reishi mushroom comes in. Up until recently, not a lot of people had realized that this fungus is sort of a miracle plant. Traditional medicine has dubbed it as the “mushroom of immortality” or the “medicine of kings” because of its amazing benefits to our health. This mushroom is not new to eastern medicine; in fact it has been used for hundreds of years. And all this time, Asians have been enjoying the healing effects that this mushroom can give. Let me tell you more.

So what’s so spectacular about this mushroom?

Red reishi is also believed to inhibit the growth of cancer cells because of its effect on the immune system.

Red reishi is also believed to inhibit the growth of cancer cells because of its effect on the immune system.

A lot of people are doubtful how a single fungus can positively affect the human body in so of ways. But traditional Eastern medicine believes that this mushroom is far better than anything that mainstream western medicine has offered. They believe that Reishi defends our body against disease, against physical or emotional stressors and puts the body back into a state of balance.

  • Red reishi and our immune system – Unlike mushrooms we eat, reishi is hard and woody and has a bitter taste. However, it is not toxic and is used for its amazing properties. According to various studies done, reishi improves our body’s immune system thereby inhibiting the development of a number of illnesses, by significantly reducing inflammation and even acting as an antihistamine reducing the effect of some allergies like hay fever.
  • Helping us with our allergies – Studies show that reishi contains lanostan, a compound that inhibits the release of histamine as well as other chemicals in the body. Because of its effect on the immune system and the adrenal glands, reishi is proven to be effective in controlling our allergic tendencies.
  • Red reishi and our heart health – One of the top killer diseases today relates to heart health. This mushroom contains substances that promote cardiovascular health such as sterols, ganoderic acids, mannitol, polysaccharides, and coumarin. These substances can lower blood pressure and keep our cholesterol in healthy levels. Aside from that, it also promotes optimal blood flow by preventing the blood platelets from sticking together and becoming blood clots.
  • Fighting the Big C – Red reishi is also believed to inhibit the growth of cancer cells because of its effect on the immune system. For several years now, cancer therapy in Japan has attained a level of success using this fungus as treatment. The compounds found in reishi mushroom can activate cells responsible for fighting diseases (called T-cells and macrophages) so that our body is able to rid of the bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells that attack us.

Keeping ourselves healthy is not only about the absence of sickness. We may reason out that it is easier to pop a prescription pill to get us back to our old self. But we have to realize that synthetic medicine can eventually tax our vital organs (especially the liver), and prolonged use of such medication can lead to other problems – but that is a different topic altogether. My point is this: The benefits that we can get from red reishi are numerous. The effect that it has on our bodies is not just addressing the symptoms of the disease. Rather, it balances of our body functions so that we will have the ability to resist disease. That, to me, is getting to the root cause of the problem. And the best part of all is that, unlike prescription drugs, you do not have to deal will possible ill effects later on.

Don’t you want to see the miracle of red reishi mushroom working in you?

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