Improve Your Health With Ganoderma Coffee

Ganoderma Coffee

Enjoy Great Health the Ganoderma Coffee Way!

The Chinese have been using Ganoderma or Reishi mushroom extract for centuries to boost their health and prolong their lives. This extraordinary mushroom is now available in the most favorite beverage worldwide; Ganoderma coffee. The mushroom is a fungus which grows wildly in trees. It is shaped like a horseshoe or fan, with a red shiny surface.

For a long time, the caffeine in coffee has been known to cause harmful effects on the body such as quickening the heart rate, insomnia, caffeine addiction; where coffee lovers who drink caffeinated coffee experience withdrawal symptoms such as splitting headaches when denied a cup of coffee. It also induces a quick high when taken and when the effects of the caffeine wear off in the body’s system, a low ensues, creating a vicious yo-yo effect of highs and lows, which undoubtedly has you reaching for another cup.

With Ganoderma coffee, these negative effects are reversed since the Ganoderma extracts create a neutralizing effect on the harmful effects of caffeine giving it a healthy twist. Drinking Ganoderma coffee is the new way to get your daily dose of health without having to pay for or remember to take any additional supplements to boost your health.

Below are a few health benefits to be gained from the regular drinking of Ganoderma coffee:

Sharpen your Wit with Ganoderma Coffee

This coffee gives your brain a much needed wake me up buzz without the negative effects that regular coffee has. It will stimulate your brain cells to come alive and keep you vibrant and energetic instead of having to keep reaching for a stronger dose of coffee each time the caffeine wears off to maintain the feeling of alertness.

Keep Degenerative Diseases at Bay

The mushroom extract has been proven to keep degenerative diseases at bay such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. These two diseases are devastating to the senior citizen population, causing much heartache amongst their loved ones when they lose them to these diseases. Seniors taking a daily dose of this specialty coffee can keep the effects of the diseases at bay, helping them enjoy health in their sunset years.

Protect your Liver

Antioxidants in the Reishi mushroom allow for an improved immune system, blood purification, and circulation which helps in the protection of the liver by reducing toxins it has to process and remove from the body. Drinking this coffee reduces or eliminates the need to take chemically processed drugs, protecting your liver from failure and enhancing its performance.

Combat Lifestyle Diseases

Today’s fast paced lifestyle has also led to increasing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, among others. This natural remedy infused in coffee has been reported to help combat these diseases when the extracts in the coffee are taken daily. For some more information on how it can help with some conditions, click here and here.

Dermatological Conditions Fixed

Everybody loves healthy skin that glows. It boosts the confidence in everyone. The Reishi mushroom or Ganoderma also has a positive effect on the skin, moisturizing it and invigorating it from the inside out. Save on facials, skin treatment and therapies just by taking a cup of the Ganoderma coffee and see your skin problems fade away, without having to spend more than you do on your daily cup.

Sleep Is Important

Insomnia is induced by many factors but the most common one is stress. Stress is caused by any number of circumstances in everyday life from hectic work schedules, changes in the home, poor health, and not enough sleep. Factors vary but there is no need to have tired red eyes in the morning when you can have a good night’s rest by taking Ganoderma Lucidum coffee a few hours before bed. The soothing and calming effect of the extracts in coffee will enable you to enjoy a restful deep sleep without tossing and turning and you’ll wake up ready to face the day.

Next time you reach for your favorite drink, whether at a coffee shop or at home, insist on the tried and tested organic 100% Ganoderma coffee from Organo Gold to enhance your health in both body and mind. You will never go wrong whichever variety you choose to drink. Each delivers the same health benefits with varying tastes for different palates.

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