Get the Organo Gold arabica coffee health buzz!

Arabica coffee has been used for thousands of years, spreading from East Africa in Ethiopia on to Arabia, Europe and the Americas. Today, it is a robustly cultivated commercial cash crop sold all over the world for consumption in homes, restaurants and cafes. Many establishments are branded coffee shops and many famous ones are known worldwide.

Coffee happens to be the second most consumed beverage drunk on earth, after water. In fact it’s not only the beverage that the majority of people have in the morning just before they go to the office, but it’s a relationship fostering drink which people all over the world have on a date, casual catch up or a business meeting. Coffee is often involved in socializing and gives us an excuse to do so.

Get the Organo Gold Arabica Coffee Health Buzz

Get the Organo Gold Arabica Coffee Health Buzz

Coffee contains caffeine which is bitter in taste and is said to have negative effects on the body, but Arabica coffee contains less caffeine than other coffee varieties and tastes better, thereby reducing the side effects of caffeine, yet giving drinkers a stimulating, sweet tasting healthy beverage to enjoy.

Organo Gold Coffee is prepared using coffee Arabica beans and infused with Ganoderma or Reishi mushroom, which together produces a powerful health drink that gives so many benefits to the body. Ganoderma is a mushroom that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and has been proven to give multiple benefits to the body. With this combination, the effects are spectacular. Organo Gold coffee comes in 6 refreshing varieties which can be purchased anywhere in the world, leaving one invigorated and healthier with every cup.

Below are some of the benefits of drinking Ganoderma infused coffee from Organo Gold:

Reduces cardiovascular disease

Moderate consumption of coffee, particularly in the elderly, creates a reduction of cardiovascular disease occurrence since the heart’s arteries elasticity is regulated by the polyphenolic compounds cafenol and kahweol found in coffee. Organo Gold’s coffee provides the much needed protection of the heart from common diseases such as hypertension and high blood pressure.

Organo Gold coffee helps with sleep

Caffeine in coffee is said to disrupt sleeping patterns and cause insomnia, but with the low levels of caffeine in Organo Gold coffee, it does not cause insomnia, but allows one to sleep better and wake up refreshed. The ingredient also makes you alert and enhances memory and improves learning and your general mood.

Exercises the heart

Coffee consumption raises the blood pressure slightly, but moderate coffee consumption of one to two cups a day raises the blood pressure just the same as a healthy dose of exercise would. It raises the blood pressure only temporarily and then re-adjusts back to normal thereby causing no harm.

Increases stamina

A good cup of coffee brewed with Arabica coffee beans reduces fatigue in people with low stamina. It helps to boost vitality and strength as well as improves memory and alertness. Having a cup of coffee will give you the needed buzz when experiencing fatigue and gives long lasting staying power to finish daily tasks.

Reduces stress levels

Organo Gold Ganoderma coffee reduces stress levels. Having a cup every day will undoubtedly help you cope with daily stress inducing factors that every day life brings about at the work place, handling difficult situations and relationships and solving crisis created in any environment.

Improves thought process

If one is faced with a heavy day at the office or anywhere that critical thinking is needed, coffee stimulates the central nervous system and opens up the brain to think critically and clearly. It also alleviates drowsiness helping one stay awake and alert to handle logical decision making or thought processing.

Natural energy booster

Coffee raises your energy, thereby giving endurance for heavy duty work or sports activities which require the body to have high levels of perseverance to endure long and strenuous exercises.

The health benefits above are just but a few that can be gained from drinking Arabica coffee infused with Ganoderma. Get your daily dose of coffee; it’s a cheap and pleasant way of keeping the doctor away.

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