One of the most peculiar statements I have heard is this – British loves tea, Americans love coffee. Well, I know a lot of coffee-drinking British or Americans who drink a lot of tea. I am neither American nor British but I love both coffee and tea. Here is how it works for me – If I need an energy boost I drink coffee and if I want to relax, I would definitely go for tea.

One of the best ways of relaxation for me after a long day is sitting on the couch with a cup of tea. Teas have a unique way of easing the nerves and soothing the mind. For me, nothing beats the refreshing and relaxing effect of a cup of tea.

Why I love Organo Gold Ganoderma Tea
Why I love Organo Gold Ganoderma Tea

Unlike coffee, I learned to love tea only after a Chinese friend introduced it to me. She had such beautiful glowing skin and I couldn’t help but ask what her secret was. The answer was a simple, “I drink tea the entire day”. Of course, she noticed the grimace on my face but she patiently gave me tips on how to acquire the taste for it. One tip that stood out was so unusual that I tried it and it worked. She told me to buy a big box of tea so I would be forced to drink it because not doing so would be wasting money!

So I began to drink tea. And I began to drink more of it. And this is what I realized – once you get the taste and the feel of tea, there is no turning back. I began enjoying tea more and more, especially during night time after having a little too much at dinner. It relaxes the stomach and removes the bloated feeling. I discovered that there is more to tea than glowing skin.

But still, tea has caffeine content that causes some stomach discomfort for me. Sometimes it worries me to hear people say that tea can trigger some diseases such as Alzheimer’s, digestive system diseases, and loss of bone density.

So you just can imagine my delight when I learned about Organo Gold Ganoderma tea. I have heard about the healing effects of Ganoderma and I am just so excited that they have infused it into tea. It has helped that I have tried their Ganoderma coffee products and had a pleasant experience with it so it was not difficult for me to give Organo Gold Ganoderma tea a try.

And It Is Good For You

While studies have shown that green tea consumption may decrease the risk of different types of cancers, the infusion of Ganoderma Lucidum has made it even more potent because of its immune system boosting properties. Ganoderma or Lingzhi has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote health, long life and treatment of cancer. It is believed that the combined use of tea (particularly green tea) and Ganoderma Lucidum extracts is effective in inhibiting the growth and metastasis of breast cancers cells.

I must say that Organo Gold Ganoderma tea is an excellent product. The different variants of organic tea combined with the Ganoderma are just perfect. With the balancing effect of Ganoderma, it has successfully elevated tea to a higher level. Now, my tea is not just a relaxing drink, it has now become a drink rich in antioxidants. And now I can enjoy every cup even more.

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