I did! Let me tell you my story towards discovering the best coffee…

I was raised in a family of coffee drinkers, so it is no wonder that my love affair with this beverage started early. Every morning I would find my dad sitting in his favorite spot on the veranda with a cup of coffee. He is an early riser, and so am I. I would quietly slip beside him on the couch just enjoying his quiet presence and the aroma of his hot drink as he read the morning papers. Of course my dad knew I was there, even if he pretended to be totally absorbed with his reading, and whenever he would finish the news he would leave me just a spoonful of his best coffee in his cup, just for me. I just loved being a daddy’s girl!

Have You Tried The Best Coffee Ever?

Have You Tried The Best Coffee Ever?

So now you understand how my love for coffee began. My story may not be the same as yours but if you are reading this then I know we certainly have one thing in common – we are both searching for the best coffee. Coffee has become a way of life for me. Breakfast without a cup of coffee is never complete, no matter if it’s freezing winter or hot summer. I drink coffee when I am studying, or when I am curled up on the sofa with an interesting book. At work, I regularly drink it to get me through the piles of papers that seem to always be on my desk, and whenever I catch up with a girlfriend or my sister many stories are shared over a Coffee.

Coffee has been my beverage of choice for years. It’s my energy drink; it always gives me the boost I need. It makes me feel happy and warm inside, I feel more alert, and besides I just love the taste… these are my usual replies when my friends and colleagues nag me about my heavy consumption. They would tell me it’s ‘unhealthy’ or ‘it can lead to heart palpitations’, that’s why you can’t sleep at night’ and why you are so tired in the afternoon, but my stubborn self would always just think of more creative ways of justifying my addiction to coffee… until I discovered the best coffee.

Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the concept of a ‘healthy coffee’. But I didn’t fall for it hook, line and sinker as after all although I do drink a lot I do not want to cause any further harm than what I may currently be doing. So I did some research to see for myself why this healthy coffee has caught a lot of attention amongst coffee lovers.

Here is what I discovered.

People call it the best coffee because it’s comprised of premium coffee beans and the best all natural ingredients taken from traditional Chinese medicine. The main additive to the Arabica coffee is the Ganoderma extract, a medicinal mushroom also known as Red Reishi or Lingzhi. These mushrooms have been used medicinally for more than 2,000 years. Furthermore, Lingzhi can be found in the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and Therapeutic Compendium as well, so this ingredient has a lot of history and, besides from being well used in traditional Chinese Medicine, it is also recognized by Western Medicine too, so perhaps that is why the Chinese are known for living a long and healthy life?

Organo Gold is one company actively promoting Ganoderma coffee. They have infused the Ganoderma extract into the coffee, because they believe that the ill effects of coffee in our body is being counteracted by the presence of Ganoderma (Red Reishi mushroom) and that is why they have combined the two. This results in a coffee that is better for you without the normal reactions like making your blood acid like or dehydrating you, stomach upsets and highs and lows amongst others.

So, do you see why I say this is the best coffee ever?

Now I can drink my beloved coffee without worrying about coffee jitters, and I still have so much energy without crashing and burning a few hours later. Actually I have even noticed that I have stopped drinking as much because I don’t feel addicted to it. I drink now for the taste rather than because I feel like I have to, just to get through my day.

I love my coffee so much more, as now I can drink it with pleasure without feeling guilty or my friends nagging me about the negative side effects. And when they start to scold me I just remind them that my better coffee is backed by both ancient Chinese medicine and modern science, so they really can’t argue against that!

Want some caffeinated inspiration for work? Need to perk up your morning for a long day ahead? Go ahead and drink your coffee. Just make sure you are not selling yourself short of the experience. Drink the best coffee ever. Make it Red Reishi, Lingzhi coffee with Ganoderma; you will feel better for it.

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