Coffee Machine Reviews – Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT 12-Cup

Mr Coffee coffeemaker machine
The Mr. Coffee machine gives you a good experience at a great price and has good reviews.

If you’ve been looking at buying a new coffeemaker, you’ve probably read so many coffee machine reviews you’ve forgotten what machine has what function. So many coffee machines have the same or similar functions you can be forgiven for forgetting what does what, but if you haven’t yet come across the Mr. Coffee 12 cup coffeemaker you’re missing out on a great coffee machine option.

The Mr. Coffee machine is probably one of the better options out there for those who don’t have a huge budget. There have been quite a few coffee machine reviews on this particular machine with the vast majority of those reviews praising this machine. The downsides discussed by most people are fairly minor (and I discuss them further down the page).

Advantages of the Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker

The first major advantage of the Mr. Coffee machine is the cost. Many 12-cup machines are quite expensive but the Mr. Coffee machine is really quite affordable at an RRP of $60.00, but when I purchased it I got it for only $35.00 from Amazon, which is almost half price, making this even better value for such a feature-packed, easy to use machine.

But it isn’t just the price that makes it an attractive machine; other benefits include:

  • A water filtration system that removes up to 97% of any chlorine that may be present in the water. This improves the taste of your coffee.
  • A 24hr timer to pre-set in advance the time my pot of coffee will be ready. It means I can be waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning
  • A timer which tracks the freshness of the coffee from the time it is brewed so you know whether it is time to make a new pot,
  • A brew strength indicator, allowing for a stronger robust brew or a weaker less pot of coffee
  • Easy to clean removable filter basket
  • A built-in easy cleaning cycle to help maintain the right flavor of your coffee every time.

If you visit the Mr. Coffee website it even gives you some easy coffee recipes to try at home including a mocha, cream truffles, coffee calypso, and eggnog coffee.

What about other coffee machine reviews?

As with reviews of any product, you can never be sure if you should trust the opinions of others but based on my own experience, and from spending a few hours researching other coffee machine reviews, I can honestly say the Mr. Coffee machine gives you a good experience at a great price.

Many others have left reviews detailing that they love the machine and would give it a 10/10 to those who do not rate it as highly; believing some features can be improved upon. This mix in opinion tells me that there is no bias online going on.

Most of the coffee machine reviews state that the machine worked well; that it made a great cup of coffee and that it did exactly what they wanted it to do. Most people agreed that for the price, this machine is a good choice if you want a larger coffee pot that brews a great tasting coffee without having to spend a lot of money.

The only major downside to this machine that people commented on was that it does need a bit of space on your kitchen counter so that you can access the top of the machine to refill it; and so that you can easily read the water indicator which is on the right-hand side.

These are just minor issues in the scheme of it all and things you can easily overcome. But if you have a tight space with limited access to the top of the machine or you need to squeeze it up close next to another appliance then this may be something you need to consider.

If you are looking to buy a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker there are a large number of coffee machine reviews out there that will give you some great information on this machine and allow you to make an informed decision before you buy.

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