Chinese Tea: The Ultimate Guide

Chinese Tea

Chinese tea dates back several centuries and continues to be a popular beverage consumed all over the globe. The popularity comes from the many different varieties of Chinese teas that are available and the health benefits that have been attributed to the drink. In fact, Ancient Chinese scriptures point to the number of benefits that…

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Indian Tea Varieties: Types of Tea In India

Indian tea

Table of Contents1 Indian Tea: Background Information2 History of Indian Tea2.1 Origins and Early Cultivation of Tea in India2.2 British Influence and the Establishment of Tea Plantations3 Major Tea-Growing Regions in India3.1 Assam3.2 Darjeeling3.3 Nilgiri3.4 Kangra3.5 Dooars and Terai4 Health Benefits of Indian Teas4.1 Traditional Medicinal Uses of Indian Teas4.2 Modern Research and Scientific Evidence…

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71 Types of Korean Teas: In-Depth Review

types of Korean teas

Korean tea is a beloved beverage in Korean culture and has been enjoyed for centuries. It is deeply rooted in traditional Korean tea ceremonies, which are formal events that emphasize mindfulness and respect for the tea-making process. Korean teas have a unique taste and aroma, and each type is steeped in cultural significance. In this…

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Gongfu Tea Guide – Gong Fu Tea Sets, Ceremony, Brewing

gongfu tea

The Gongfu tea brewing method is a preparation process that produces the best quality tea possible from dry tea leaves. In this article, we will discuss what gongfu tea is about, the teaware required to properly prepare it, how to process the tea, and finally, review a few of the teaware items. Table of Contents1…

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Types of Japanese Tea

Japanese tea

Japan has a rich history of tea culture that dates back over a thousand years. Tea was introduced from China during the 8th century and was initially used for medicinal purposes among priests and the wealthy. Tea became widely popular during the Muromachi Period when affluent members of society started hosting tea-drinking parties to showcase…

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