Top Teas For An Energy Boost

Teas For An Energy Boost

Energy-boosting teas are beneficial for many reasons. Of course, the boost of energy is the first most prominent reason to drink these teas, but they also avoid the jitters you may feel from coffee. Too much caffeine is bad for your health and the smaller amount of caffeine within tea makes it a perfect substitute…

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Top 7 Health Benefits of Tea

tea has many health benefits

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. When we think of tea, we think of a warm, comforting drink. But did you know that drinking tea can improve your health? Tea has long been used for its many health benefits. It is a natural antioxidant, and it can improve your overall…

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Top 7 Non-Caffeinated Teas

various non-caffeinated teas

Tea is a wonderful, warming drink that can act as both a relaxant and a boost when you need one. However, it may be that you simply don’t respond well to caffeine, want to reduce your caffeine or it’s too late in the day for too much energy before bed. Fortunately, there are various non-caffeinated…

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Beginners Guide to Calming Teas

calming teas leaves

There’s nothing like having a hot cup of tea. It’s the most consoling and homely feeling for me, especially on those harder or more stressful days. My personal favorite is builder’s tea, which is essentially a strong English breakfast tea with sugar and milk. On my hardest days with grief, I had endless cups of…

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Herbal Tea Can Also Be A Weight Loss Tea

herbal tea

Can herbal tea help you lose weight? According to Young You International, their Easy E-Z Herbal Tea is a weight loss tea that contains “powerful weight loss ingredients” that cleanses the body whilst suppressing your appetite. How Green Tea Helps You Lose Weight There have been a number of diet programs that have come and…

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Stay Healthy With Pu’erh Tea

puerh tea

The healing power of pu’erh tea can now be yours! That’s right, there is something magical about this ancient Chinese tea that has been nicknamed the ‘skinny girl’s tea’ and has been treasured for centuries due to its many health benefits. The Health Benefits Of Pu’erh Tea… Studies have shown that this tea has some…

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