Tea Reviews

Best Tea Bag Squeezer Options

Tea Bag Squeezer

Here’s a question… What do you do with the tea bag once you’ve finished steeping a cup of tea? If you are a tea bag squeezer, you are not alone. In fact, it is quite common to press a spoon against the suspended tea bag squeezing it against the inside of the cup to extract…

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Types of Korean Teas

types of Korean teas

Korean tea is mainly consumed as a hot beverage. It consists of boiled water that is infused with one of many different items including leaves from the tea plant Camellia sinensis. Other popular teas come from the use of flowers, fruit, grains, beans, seeds, roots, shoots and bark infused primarily in hot water, but also…

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Indian Teas Reviewed – Types of Tea In India

Indian tea

Table of Contents Indian Tea Background Information Health Benefits Masala Chai Assam Tea Butter Tea Nilgiri Tea Darjeeling Tea How To Prepare Indian Tea Types of Tea In India Assam Tea Darjeeling Tea Nilgiri Tea Green Tea Masala Chai Noon Chai (Kashmiri Tea) Cardamom Tea (Elaichi Chai) Clove Tea (Long ki Chai) Cinnamon Tea (Dalchini…

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Types of Japanese Tea

Japanese tea

There are many different types of Japanese tea. In this guide, we will examine thirty different teas, describing what makes them so unique. We will also explore the many reported health benefits that come from the compounds found in Japanese green tea. Table of Contents The Japanese Tea Ceremony Japanese Teas Reviewed Matcha Sencha Genmaicha…

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Chinese Tea – The Ultimate Guide

Chinese Tea

Chinese tea dates back several centuries and continues to be a popular beverage consumed all over the globe. The popularity comes from the many different varieties of Chinese teas that are available and the health benefits that have been attributed to the drink. In fact, Ancient Chinese scriptures point to the number of benefits that…

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Best Loose Leaf Tea Storage Ideas

tea storage containers

Loose leaf tea storage should be easy if you have the right tools and setting. Essentially, all you need is an airtight container that can be kept in a cool, dark location. However, the exact type of container you use and the exact location you store it will both impact the longevity of the tea.…

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Tea and Coffee Supplies – Including Gifts and Accessories

When it’s time to buy a gift sometimes it can be so hard! Some people either seem to have everything, or you face the challenge of buying a gift for someone that you don’t know on a personal level. One thing that does go down well with most people are tea and coffee supplies. These…

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The Best Oolong Tea Varieties – Buyers Guide

Best Oolong Tea Varieties

What Is Oolong Tea? For many, the best Oolong tea looks similar to a typical black tea. For others, it is closer to a green tea. Oolong tea, however, is not a black or a green tea. In fact, Oolong tea is a category of tea all by itself. What makes this a little confusing…

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