Top 5 Best Tea Bag Squeezer Options

types of tea bag squeezer options

Here’s a question… What do you do with the tea bag once you’ve finished steeping a cup of tea? If you are a tea bag squeezer, you are not alone. In fact, it is quite common to press a spoon against the suspended tea bag squeezing it against the inside of the cup to extract every last drop of tea.

It is such a common occurrence that a number of products have been created to make the job of squeezing the tea bag much easier. But are you really getting anything more out of that tea bag that is going to improve your cup of tea? Actually, you are enhancing that freshly brewed cup.

What Happens When You Squeeze The Tea Bag?

The act of squeezing a tea bag releases more tannic acid into your cup. Tannic acid is antimicrobial which means it kills germs. It is also anticarcinogenic which prevents cells from becoming cancerous.

Tannic acid is antimutagenic (stops cells from changing) and antioxidative (prevents free radicals from damaging cells). Tannic acid can also lower blood pressure.

It is also tannic acid that gives tea the sour, astringent, or bitter taste you have come to expect from it. When you squeeze the tea bag you are changing the taste of the tea slightly. If you are a habitual squeezer, try drinking a few cups without over-squeezing and you should note a difference.

The Best Tea Bag Squeezers Available…

If you like to squeeze your teabags to get the most out of your cup of tea, there are a number of products designed specifically to squeeze tea bags. As the average tea bag can split when you use a spoon to press a tea bag against your cup, one of the following tea accessories will be able to help you out.

Norpro 5528 Stainless Squeezer Silver

Norpro 5528 Stainless Squeezer Silver

This is a common design for tea bag tongs. You simply grasp the tea bag with these tongs and gently squeeze. The design ensures that there is no dripping and no mess left behind.

Made of stainless steel, these tea bag squeezer tongs are easy to clean. They measure 5.25 inches and will firmly hold any size tea bag.

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HIC Harold Stainless Steel Tea Bag Squeezer

HIC Harold Stainless Steel Tea Bag Squeezer

The design of this 18/8 stainless steel tea bag squeezer allows you to gently extract the remaining drops of tea in any tea bag. It is made to be comfortable in your hand and to be durable.

The compact size permits easy storage. Meant to be reusable, this particular design is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

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Primula Tea Bag Buddy

Primula Tea Bag Buddy

This is far more than just your average kind of tea accessory. The innovative design of this product makes it a multipurpose tool you will want to keep near your teapot.

It can be used as a lid to keep the steam contained as your tea brews in a cup and it lets you drain the tea bag with a firm grip that won’t drop it into your cup.

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Tupperware Tea Bag Squeezer / Holder

Tupperware Squeezer Holder

This item is actually called a tea bag squeezer gadget and measures 5.75 inches in length and 2.75 inches at its widest point. It folds in half to squeeze the tea bag and collects the squeezed liquid on a lipped edge.

This product comes in various colors to fit your kitchen décor.

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Squeezmo SQ201G Tea Squeeze

Squeezmo SQ201G Tea Bag Squeezer

Designed to fit in your hand, this item is a World Tea Expo Award Winner. Made from US FDA-grade silicone, you just put your tea bag inside of this gadget after brewing and squeeze.

It is dishwasher-safe and can be used over and over. Plus, with this item available in different colors, you can purchase more than one so everyone in your household has their own.

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Tea Bag Squeezer FAQs

Are tea bag squeezers necessary for making tea?

No, tea bag squeezers are not necessary for making tea. They are simply a tool that can be used to remove excess water from a tea bag after steeping to prevent over-brewing and to improve the taste and quality of the tea. Whether or not a tea bag squeezer is necessary depends on personal preference and brewing habits.

List the different types of tea bag squeezers available.

There are several types of tea bag squeezers available, including:

– Tong-style tea bag squeezers
– Spoon-style tea bag squeezers
– Clip-style tea bag squeezers
– Silicone tea bag squeezers
– Metal tea bag squeezers
– Bamboo tea bag squeezers

Can tea bag squeezers be used for loose-leaf tea as well as tea bags?

Typically, tea bag squeezers are designed for use with tea bags and may not be suitable for loose-leaf tea. Loose-leaf tea is best brewed using a strainer or infuser to hold the loose tea leaves, rather than a tea bag. Some tea infusers are designed specifically to be used with loose-leaf tea and may include a squeezing mechanism to remove excess water, but they are different from traditional tea bag squeezers.

What are some of the benefits of using a tea bag squeezer?

There are quite a few benefits of using a tea bag squeezer, including:

– Improved tea flavor: Using a tea bag squeezer can help extract more flavor from the tea leaves, making the tea taste stronger and more robust.
– Better tea steep: A tea bag squeezer can help ensure that the tea leaves are fully saturated in water, leading to a more consistent steep and a better-tasting cup of tea.
– Avoid mess: Using a tea bag squeezer can help avoid drips and spills, making it easier to enjoy a clean and tidy cup of tea.
– Save tea: By using a tea bag squeezer, you can make the most of your tea leaves and avoid wasting tea by getting the last drop of flavor from each tea bag.
– Convenient: Tea bag squeezers are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry with you on the go.
– Hygienic: Using a tea bag squeezer can help avoid direct contact with the tea leaves and tea bag, ensuring a clean and hygienic cup of tea.

What are the potential drawbacks of using a tea bag squeezer?

– Cost: Some tea bag squeezers can be relatively expensive, especially if they are made from premium materials like stainless steel or silicone.
– Cleaning: Cleaning a tea bag squeezer can be difficult, especially if it has small crevices that are hard to reach.
– Durability: Depending on the material and construction of the squeezer, it may not last as long as other tea-making tools and could become damaged over time.
– Limited use: A tea bag squeezer is designed specifically for tea bags and may not be useful for other tasks or tools in the kitchen.
– Space: A tea bag squeezer takes up extra space in the kitchen and may not be practical for people with limited storage.

How does the quality of tea made with a tea bag squeezer compare to tea made without one?

The quality of the tea itself is not affected by using a tea bag squeezer. To make a stronger and more flavorful cup of tea, it can help to extract more flavor and color from the tea bag. However, using a tea bag squeezer carelessly or incorrectly can result in bitter tea, similar to what happens when a tea bag is left to brew for too long.

In Conclusion

Thanks to the creation of tea tongs squeezer accessories, you can always get the last drop out of a used tea bag. Whether or not you like the taste of the extra bitterness that comes from the tannic acid squeezed out of the tea bag is up to you. You can always add sugar or honey to soften the taste.

Regardless, squeezing your tea bag now doesn’t get any easier. So make sure that you add a tea bag squeezer to your list of tea accessories.

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