9 Best Loose Leaf Tea Storage Ideas

Loose leaf tea storage should be easy if you have the right tools and setting. Essentially, all you need is an airtight container that can be kept in a cool, dark location. However, the exact type of container you use and the exact location you store it will both impact the longevity of the tea.

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Loose leaf storage is also slightly different from storing tea bags. This article will break the entire process down for you, explaining the different types of tea storage options available to you, as well as reviewing some of our picks from each category.

Tea Storage Guidelines

There are a total of six simple rules to follow related to the proper storage of tea. The purpose of keeping tea protected is to preserve the taste and flavor of the product. The following guidelines will focus on the elements that can have this effect on your stored tea.

1. Protect Tea From Oxygen

Oxidation is the main thing that can reduce the quality of your tea, loose leaf in particular. Oxidation results from exposure to air. This means that airtight loose tea storage containers are your best defense in keeping oxidation to a minimum.

However, it is also important to note that ambient air trapped inside an airtight storage container will have an effect on your tea. Remember, airtight is very different from air-free. Vacuum-sealed containers are better and oxygen absorbers are an additional help, although not effective for long-term storage.

2. Protect Tea From Heat

You may have heard that storing tea in a freezer or refrigerator is a good idea. For some delicate yellow and green teas, it is a great storage strategy. That’s because heat will actually increase the speed at which tea oxidizes.

When you use this method, you must let the tea removed from these cold storage locations reach room temperature before using. This reduces the potential of condensation forming.

However, if you don’t want to keep your tea in the fridge, it is best kept in a cool, dry location. This will minimize the impact temperature can have on your tea.

3. Protect Tea From Light

There is a reason why most tea storage containers are not clear glass. That is because light can have an effect on the quality of the tea. Tea leaves are sensitive to light and compounds found in them can experience what is called photo-oxidative changes.

If you have ever noticed a metallic flavor coming from older tea leaves, that is the result of light damage. Other chemical reactions are still being studied but it is safe to say that keeping tea in the dark is still better for the quality of the tea.

4. Protect Tea From Odors

Tea leaves are like scent sponges as they will absorb those in their immediate area. If you are storing scented teas, this may not be as much of an issue. However, the quality of your tea can be severely damaged if it happens to absorb unpleasant odors.

This makes proper storage an essential part of the equation where the location is of vital importance. The type of container will also be a key component with some wood choices, airtight tins with rubber seals, and some plastics that can give your tea a bad smell and taste.

5. Protect Tea From Moisture

The way in which you release flavors from tea is with the addition of moisture – water. This is why you must store your tea in places that are not moist and in a container that does not have cracks or places where moisture can seep inside.

What adds to the importance of proper storage is that tea will also absorb the moisture contained in the air. The easiest way to keep moisture from steeping your tea while in storage is with the use of airtight containers. These do a great job of keeping your tea moisture-free.

6. Protect Tea With More Tea

This point is crucial. An airtight container that is full will keep tea stored in it in better condition than an airtight container that is a third or quarter full. The idea is to fill the container with as much loose leaf tea as possible, shake it to cause the contents to settle, and then fill it some more.

The theory is that a larger amount of tea in a container is going to have less likelihood of being impacted by the surroundings than a smaller amount of tea would in the same container. This is because there is simply less air to interact with. You’ll even notice that one will smell fresher than the other once you give it a try.

Additional Loose Leaf Tea Storage Points

Green, yellow and white teas are less oxidized than oolong teas and black teas. The less oxidized teas will degrade faster than the others, so keep this in mind when planning your tea storage strategy.

Broken tea leaves will also speed up the process of deterioration. Essentially, the more broken a tea leaf is, the more surface area is present for oxidation and other issues that will change the scent and flavor of the tea.

Our Pick For The Best Tea Storage Container

Tightvac Airtight Multi-Use Portable Container

Tightvac Airtight loose leaf tea storage

This 6-ounce container is part of a tremendous line of quality storage containers. Using the patented Tightvac system, you simply press a button on the cap and pull the cap off. To close and seal the container, you press the button on the cap and push the cap onto the container and it will seat and seal. There is no pumping required to complete the vacuum seal.

In addition to keeping products sealed inside, the Tightvac will keep your stored tea free from unpleasant odors. The two-way valve that is built into the cap permits gas to slowly be released and not let oxygen in. The manufacturer of this product says your storage items will remain preserved and unharmed for a year or longer with this system.

The Tighvac airtight vacuum seal not only keeps air out but also keeps moisture away. Made with NSF and FDA-approved food-grade plastic, this container can last up to ten years with proper care. As this item is promoted as a multi-use container, it will hold much more than just tea leaves. You can use it for anything that will fit into the 6-ounce size.


This product will protect contents from absorbing four odors
The small size makes it easy to transport in a backpack


Some people have difficulty operating the vacuum seal button
amazon button

Other Loose Leaf Tea Storage Ideas:

Metal Loose Leaf Tea Storage Tins

These are probably best known as the oldest style of storage container still in current use. Metal storage tins usually feature lids that have a tight fit and are suitable for holding several tea bags or loose leaf tea in sealed plastic bags. Some metal tin designs provide airtight storage and others are shaped to allow for easy stacking or have space-saving designs.

Tea Tins Canister Set – Airtight Lids for Loose Leaf Tea

Tea Tins Canister Set - Airtight Lids for Loose Leaf Tea storage ideas

This is a set of Silver Onyx tin tea canisters. They come in a neutral silver color which fits most kitchen or pantry décor. The double lid design features an airtight seal when closed which locks out moisture, air, and light.

The size of these tea storage tins is such that they can also be used to store alternate items other than loose leaf tea. The stylish design keeps these containers looking contemporary in your home for as long as you choose to use them.


Double lid construction provides an easy airtight seal
Great for kitchen organizing of various dry goods


Size is much smaller than appears for some
It may get damaged and can split a side seam when dropped too many times (as you may expect!)
amazon button

Thistle Moon Steel Loose Leaf Tea Tin

Thistle Moon Steel Loose Tea storage containers

Here is a set of two round loose leaf tea storage tins. They contain latch covers to hold loose leaf tea securely inside. The tin-plated steel construction is durable, long-lasting, and of high quality. They feature a brushed chrome finish to provide an elegant look wherever you store them.

A plastic gasket provides the airtight seal once the lid is latched into the closed/locked position. Each tin measures 6.5-inches tall by 3.6-inches wide and will hold up to 12-ounces of loose leaf tea. These containers are also suitable for storing other dry goods in them as well.


Stunning appearance with the brushed chrome exterior finish
Will hold a lot of loose leaf tea


The round size is difficult for some storage locations
Some users claim they look a bit on the cheap side
amazon button

Leyoubei Tinplate Caddy Box Retro Colorful Tea Tins

Leyoubei Tinplate Caddy Box Retro Colorful Tea storage containers

As part of a set of six different tins, these containers all feature assorted colors but each has a double cover. They measure just 3.55-inches high by 2.55-inches deep but are still large enough to hold many different things. If you have six different loose tea leaf flavors, this is your choice.

The unique designs make these perfect gifts for anyone and look great when sitting on a shelf. Made out of a lightweight, durable tin, they seal when closed but are designed just to store dry items. They make great mini loose tea storage containers.


Lightweight, unique looking tins


Very small so you will not be able to store much in each
amazon button

Glass Loose Leaf Tea Storage Canisters

Sturdy and functional are the words best used to describe glass tea storage canisters. Although they do not completely block out light – which is a concern if you are storing loose leaf tea – several designs provide some protection. Tight-fitting lids with seals make airtight storage possible and space-saving designs make glass products a good choice for tea storage.

Infinity Jars Black Ultraviolet Refillable Screw Top Jar

Infinity Jars Black Ultraviolet Refillable Screw Top tea storage tins

Promoted as an airtight, scent-proof, ultraviolet glass jar, this is a high-performance storage container. Made with a BPA-free plastic lid, this tea storage jar measures 3.9-inches tall with a diameter of 2.8-inches. Ideal for use in storing your loose leaf tea or any other dry good.

The manufacturer has had the ultraviolet glass laboratory tested and it passed. This means the items you store inside this container will remain in prime condition for over six months. There is also a 100-percent hassle-free, money-back guarantee.


The ultraviolet glass looks black, but is not


The sealing ring at the top of the lid may wear out over time
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Glass Food Storage Canister for Tea, Coffee

Glass Food Storage Canister for loose leaf tea, Coffee storage

Featuring a unique bamboo lid, this glass storage container has a silicone sealing ring that creates an airtight seal when closed. The bamboo wood lid also gives this product a unique appearance that allows it to fit into any décor in a kitchen or cupboard or shelf.

The container will hold just over 7-ounces of dry items and about 18.6 fluid ounces of wet items. This makes the glass jar an effective storage unit for all kinds of products including loose leaf tea. However, it does not keep light out so you will have to store this in a dark location.


Good looking product sitting on a kitchen shelf
Silicone seal provides a strong airtight seal
High-quality workmanship in the construction of this product


The glass of this container is not treated to prevent light from entering and damaging contents
amazon button

Plastic Loose Leaf Tea Storage Containers

Plastic tea storage ideas are most definitely practical, functional, and affordable. While you can store loose leaf tea in these, they are often better for holding teabags.

Some designs provide vacuum seals although some plastic is not designed for blocking light. When using one of these types of loose leaf tea storage containers, it is wise to store them in a dry and dark location.

Tightvac Nested Vacuum Storage Containers

Tightvac Nested Vacuum tea storage canisters

This set of four plastic containers come nested inside each other and feature a unique single push button vacuum-seal system. It keeps the dry goods you have stored inside dry, moisture-free, and oxygen-free.

The sizes include 24-ounces (10.25-inches high by 4 7/8-inches round), 12-ounces (7 7/8-inches by 4 1/8-inches), 6-ounces (5 5/8-inches by 3 3/8-inches), and 3-ounces (3.75-inches by 3-inches). The larger sized containers are also made with wide mouth openings for easy access.

These containers are made from BPA free food grade plastic and are airtight, durable, reusable, smell proof and easy to clean.


The set comes in four different sizes
Perfect for storing loose leaf tea or any other dry food item


The smaller sizes do not have a wide mouth opening
amazon button

Stoneware & Ceramic Loose Leaf Tea Containers

Since these containers are made from stoneware or ceramics, this makes them opaque. For storage of items that can be damaged by light, this is an important consideration to keep in mind. These containers are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles with some featuring tight-fitting lids and seals to make them airtight.

Mason Cash Stoneware Tea Storage Jar

Mason Cash Kitchen Storage Jar

High-quality, chip-resistant stoneware construction makes this a durable storage container. Plus, stoneware will not stain nor will it absorb odors or flavors.

The versatile and functional design features an airtight seal with an easy-off lid to permit quick and easy access when needed. The glazed stoneware finish will fit into the décor of any kitchen and will safely hold your loose leaf tea or any other dry goods.


Very attractive, decorative stoneware canister
Airtight seal keeps content fresh


Some report the lid not being airtight
amazon button

Home Basics Airtight Storage Container Set

Home Basics Airtight Storage Container Set

There are four containers in this set. The sets come in a wide range of colors to match your existing decor. The 4 containers come in a range of sizes… from 25oz to 45oz. A solid airtight seal with steel latches helps to preserve the contents.

The different sizes are great for any dry item including loose leaf tea storage, tea bags, coffee, or sugar. The style of these items allows them to fit perfectly in any kitchen and the contemporary look makes them a versatile addition to your smaller storage needs.


Solid construction
Ceramic material means these are going to be sturdy and durable
These canisters are part of their food container storage range so you can match other items produced by the same manufacturer


The wooden spoon that is included is for decorative purposes only and does not really add to the function of the canisters
amazon button


Tea lovers know a good cup of tea has a lot to do with the condition of the leaves. And storage of loose leaf tea can have a serious effect on flavor and quality.

Thankfully, there are nowadays plenty of options to suit your décor and budget when it comes to loose leaf tea storage containers, tins, and jars. And for our picks of even more tea accessories, click here.

These loose leaf tea storage ideas and solutions should help you to keep your tea in better condition. Proper tea storage can be the difference between a good or not-so-good cup of tea.

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