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Types of Tea Cups

bone china tea cup

You already know that a good cup of tea comes from the quality of the tea leaves being used. Another part of the equation is the method used to brew that relaxing, hot beverage. However, the final part of the puzzle is the actual the tea cup or mug used to consume the tea. Believe…

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Best Teapot Buyer’s Guide

Hiware Glass Teapot With Removable Infuser

A cup of tea does wonders to the mind, body and soul. Be it a sip first thing in the morning or just before bedtime, tea is much more than just a hot beverage. It is the drink that can be savored in private or shared in public. A cup of tea is as fitting…

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Cool Tea Cosy Options

Ulster Weavers Catwalk Tea Cosy

A tea cosy is essentially a teapot cover. They are used to provide a layer of insulation to a teapot which should keep the contents warm. Typically, a tea cozy or teapot cover is made of cloth and some are made that contain padded inserts that are easily removed for cleaning. The use of the…

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Top Ten Best Tea Infusers

House Again 4-Pack Extra Fine Mesh Tea Infuser

Tea lovers know there is a great difference in taste when brewing loose leaf tea or when using a tea bag. For those who prefer loose leaf tea, a good tea strainer is the preferred tool required in order to brew tea with no mess. In fact, tea infusers make the process of brewing fresh…

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Coffee Pods – Information on Buying your First “Pod” Machine

best k-cups

Coffee pod machines are becoming very popular in the home and small office coffee market. Being easy to use and clean, it is no wonder that they are gracing the countertops of most homes around the country. It seems like overnight the coffee pod market just popped up from nowhere and with so many brands…

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Tea Guide for Beginners – The Different Types of Tea

oolong tea

It is very hard to find a single person who does not enjoy a cup of tea from time to time. For some of us, it is an everyday occurrence that brings comfort and satisfaction; while for others it may only be consumed when illness strikes such as a when you have an upset stomach…

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What to Look for When Buying a Coffee Machine

coffee machines

If you are in the market for a new coffee machine, it may seem a little confusing or overwhelming to choose between all the different types on the market. To keep the buying decision relatively simple we have broken this down to three main types of coffee machines to look at – manual, capsule, and…

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Tea and Coffee Supplies – Including Gifts and Accessories

Ekobrew Stainless Steel Elite Cup, Refillable K-Cup For Keurig K-Cup Brewers

When it’s time to buy a gift sometimes it can be so hard! Some people either seem to have everything, or you face the challenge of buying a gift for someone that you don’t know on a personal level. One thing that does go down well with most people are tea and coffee supplies. These…

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The Top 7 Coffee Accessories for 2019

Mind Reader 'Anchor' Triple Drawer single serve coffee pod holder, Black

Coffee – the morning drink choice for millions of people across the globe. Do you enjoy a cup of coffee to kick off your day? There are so many ways to drink coffee, let alone how many different types of coffee drinks are available; whether you choose a plain long black or something a little…

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